Stop before you start


I think, you have to make sure, it is what you want to be, because entrepreneur is not an easy task to do. So, please find out your why, because it will make you stay strong, when the storm come.

First, take a look to your selves, are you were born from a rich people? are you have a great connections with high net worth people, vc, hedge fund, asset management? do you have any capital to run, it? if all the answer is no, please think about it again, because you need a lot of capital to run a business (for Indonesian people especially).

It’s a fake when someone tell you that, starting to be an entrepreneur does not require a lot of money,

So, I’ve you are still young, have a big dream and want to be an entrepreneur, try to work in Investment Banking, VC, Hegde Fund, or Asset Management company first, such as Goldman Sach, J.P Morgan, Mckinsey, SoftBank, Danareksa, or Mandiri Capital.

Else, you can start also working in the Big Four companies like EY, Deloite, or Bain, or try to work or get an internship at startups, because, that’s the fastest track to make your dream come true.

Why? because you have money in your pocket (from the fat pay check), have a good link to investor or potential investor, & have a working experience, even it does not guarantee you will get a huge success in the future, but it’s worth ed.

The other fast track to pursue your entrepreneurship path, is going to the Ivy League, like Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford, Insead, etc, because they already have a great connection, and success story, even it won’t guarantee you will success also.

By the way, there are some people also which start from the ground & sold their company for million dollars, even they never got any change to work in that kind of company, or go to the Ivy League.

But, if you just want to feed your family, wiling to work in your entire life, then you can start without anything I had mention it above. Just start. like me /

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