Designing iOS and Android User Interface

Note: This case study is the recreation of project done for a Freelance Contest.
A creative shot for this case study :) | I call it “Life and work balance”

To boost my UX Design learning process, I decided to do some work while studying all the techniques and theories of good design and of course, reading books.

Instead of doing user research: personas, storyboards and user flow, I followed the 7 fundamental design principles covered in Don Norman’s “Intro to the Design of Everyday Things” online course.

As a beginner, it was so simple and easy to follow each steps covered in this online course.

Conceptualizing ideas

As this app is going to control smart plugs and temperature of the room, there are 3 main potential actions.

  1. Switching on/off the device,
  2. Controlling temperature
  3. View currently active devices and current room temperature
Conceptual Models for Switch ON/OFF
Conceptual Models for controlling/displaying room temperature

Identifying Stages of Action

The most difficult step of all, answering 7 questions of stages of action. With multiple answers in my hand, I started my sketching right away so that I can do usability testing as soon as possible.

Me, trying to answers most of the 7 questions.

Wireframes & Prototyping

So…here I am. Using Keynote, I drew few screens based on my conceptual models and sketches I just completed.

Wireframes for smart plug mobile app


Finally, prototype was ready for testing. Users were asked to control devices and change room temperature using the prototype.

User feedback — “Add Device [ + ] is ambiguous. Since all devices can be controlled from ‘Devices’ tab, ‘Active’ tab is not necessary”

Observations — Users were frustrated as they could not get what they were expecting.

Improved User Interfaces

First usability testing gave me clear app menu and information architecture of the app. Add button were changed visually and moved to more relevant position that had better mapping.

Improved User Interface Design (Android)

Testing (Second Round)

This time I figured out that one feature is missing: delaying schedule with random predefined time. This feature is yet to be designed.


iOS and Android

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