Usability Testing for Sign Up Process

I run Guerilla Usability Testing to uncover pain points in user sign up process of a mobile app (iOS).


To uncover pain points in user sign up process.

Target Users

Working professional and students from age 20–39 who use wifi outside the wifi coverage. This is hypothetical assumption based on home screen images of company’s website.


I wanted following 2 questions to be answered.

  1. Can users easily find sign up function?
  2. Can users easily sign up?


  • Use the app to control the light bulb. (Specific email account will be given when app asks for it because I’m using my iPhone as test device)

Scenario — “Imagine you have this light bulb, just bought it online and you see the description on the product which says download the app from from App Store to switch on/off and control light bulb. You download it. Now, go ahead and try to control your the light bulb.”

Assumption — The product packaging describes about app being available of both Apple and Google Play stores.

User Feedback

Organising feedback found from usability testing

organising feedback based on frequency

Prioritising user feedback from usability testing

Two dimensional prioritising (users vs company)


Home Screen

When user see the home screen for the first time, he/she tap on the first textfield without reading through the screen.

“Oh! I didn’t notice there is a sign up function down below. My bad!”


  1. Provide a sign up function as a button and put closer to log in. Buttons signify users to interact with them. Moving “Sign Up” button closer to “Log in” gives cues to users that there are two actions which they can perform.
  2. As the product is new in the market, I assumed that there are more new users than returning users. With this assumption and as it is not required to log in again and again unless user delete the app, the app should start with “Sign Up” screen with additional function of “Log In”.

Sign Up Screens

When user entered email address and tapped on “Next” button, they did not get the prominent feedback of where the activation code is sent to. And somehow email was delayed. Couldn’t continue the testing.

I though it is failed as email box was disappeared. Where is the activation code.
Sign Up Process: users did not read all the texts


  1. When activation code is sent, alert user with an alert or with prominent message, where user has no choice but have to read it.
  2. This one is good to have feature. Instead validating password format on “Submit” button clicked, check while user typing, display a small message under the textfield about password format and a tick on entering valid format. If wrong, display a cross sign and disable “Submit” button.
  3. It is even better if entire sign up process is in 1 screen or use social media, Facebook, Google+, twitter, login functions.

Next Step

Next step is to build an interactive prototype and test it again to validate whether improvements solve the issues or introduce new problems.

*I do not work for this product nor the company. I am a UX Designer and this is pre-interview project done for the company.

Thank You!
Dhan Moti |