The Savitri bai Phule was an Indian first woman teacher and a forgotten liberator. she was created first woman school from different castes.
she set up a school in bhidewada. she was only woman teacher in bhidewada.
her husband name was Krantijyoti, he was helped Savitri bai Phule all type, her husband a great man. Savitri bai and jyotiba a right that woman were keen. In view of this, he began to protest against to barber and widow woman rescued from the head haircut.
one day lady commit to suicide, but jyotiba talks she convinced, after saving the life jyotiba commit i have been adopted you and your child,
because she was pregnant. he was accepted the woman.
Savitri bai Phule has accepted her husband decision, they both served very well.Savitribai and Jyotiba, Yashwantrao named the child after adoption, he became a doctor.
Savitribai the country are Mahanaiika.she worked for every community and religion.Savitribai were to teach the girls the way on them dirt, mud, dung was hurled up.Savitri a saree was carrying in his bag and Changes the school had reached sari was filthy.
His whole life, particularly women and the disadvantaged sections of society in the struggle for the rights of Dalits spent

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