Can Indians create the next Facebook ?

Off-late I have been observing the impact start-up culture is creating and uplifting the quality of lives of their employees.

21 Unicorns have been added into Indian eco system. Well, this is quite inspirational. But what’s next.

As always, our Indian youth gets attracted to the “happening stuff" in and around the world, chose their career path based on “Ifs & Buts" and start putting their energy into it.

India, as a global economy has created customized and internally applicable solutions. But why isn’t the next Facebook or next Twitter is launched by Indians ?

It’s because we are not trying to create global impact. The kind of solutions we are thinking about is limited to the province or that particular area, where investments could be attracted.

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he didn’t analyze the cultural impact it would be having on a farmer or a soldier who’s based out of India.

He has created a solution which is holistic and could be injected into veins & genes of world population.

So as Twitter, WhatsApp, Insta, Clubhouse.

Even a grandmother from Tamil Nadu is making reels on Instagram and even a fourth class guy is tagging Airtel on Twitter , bitching about it’s network reception.

The main reason here is “limiting of thoughts" !

We Indians aren’t proposing any global solutions. We are customizing the available global ones making them — glocal but not vice-versa.

One of the biggest mistake when we are creating a start-up is glamorizing the work.

When you start a company, it’s growth has to be taken care like a baby. Sales, Marketing, Data Analytics, the system, policies, taxes, revenue model, profit margins, salary disbursion, position creation, market expansion — everything in the nutshell has to be taken care. The board has to be set-up with group of leaders who has the hunger as fuel.

Though the same is not reflected in Insta pics, it’s the reality. Stop glamorizing hard work !

It’s only the impact which has to be appreciated.

It takes years of hard work, blood, sweat and humongous sacrifices from the founders to have an eventful day in a start-up. Living in a status driven society, we should uplift ourselves and also fellow entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs too, deserve the respect in society. This is the age of choosing entrepreneurship as a career. It’s both awarding and rewarding.

Youth of India, need to question thyself, how much is the impact their work is having on other’s lives.

Am I able to create a proper value proposition ?

Is my work causing a positive customer impact ?

Am I solving right problems at right times ?

Am I generating enough ideas ?

An idea is the heart and actions are the celebrations which every entrepreneur has to note. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come !

We need to wipe off the boundaries of thoughts and stop limiting ourself — to create the global impact.

The policies, angels, market capitalization, profit margins - everything could be figured out if the novelty of idea stands out.

Think Big, Think Fast — World is always yours.

Happy international youth day.


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