How I dealt with problems in 2017 & achieved my goals.

Planning sometime, gets drifted into the lost woods — So keep track of them now & then — Dhanushms

The clock is ticking, and the countdown has finally begun. Yet again, we are all warming up in exhilaration and elation to bid goodbye to another year and to embrace a new one. To tell you the truth, I like this time of the year the most. Not because of the holiday vibes and adrenaline-rushing chilled wintery feels, though that may be one of the reasons. But, mostly because, this last week of December outlines an opportunity to reflect upon the whole year and to evaluate where I stand.

While the entire year was meant for hustling and grinding, these last few days are all about sitting back, with a cup of coffee, and replaying the entire movie — 2017 in a glance.

Usually, with the commencement of a new year, we create a lot of resolutions that die down within first few weeks. Of course, that’s a natural human trait — to give up easily.

Let’s recount how many times have we all sworn to join gym devotedly? How many times have we tried keeping up a journal? How many times have we vouched to stick to efficiency and shed off procrastination? I have already lost the count and I am sure you would be sailing in the same boat, too. Come on, that’s quite humanely. But, those who make it happen — are they aliens? Oh, wait, no I am not.

Jokes apart, everything revolves around augmenting your strategies in accord with your priorities and putting in a lot of efforts to churn out the anticipated outcome. It not only supports you preserve a controlled life but also grow new behavior and to uphold stress-free and vigorous life.

So, in a nutshell, the entire last year was full of peaks and valleys. It had struggle, happiness, failures, and a lot more experiences stored for me. And, I tackled every hindrance with a perfect strategy. This is how my year went:

Launching a Startup:

A year back, I came up with a new venture, Intrinsicpreneur, which is a Branding & Digital Marketing company specialized for new startups. When you are in the business world, challenges and stumbling blocks become inevitable. I expected a lot of rugged turns throughout my journey, too. However, somehow, things started going out of control and situations started becoming appalling. There were a lot of reasons contributing to it. The fact that neither I was a novice in entrepreneurship nor mysterious with its whats and hows, still being in distress was a blow.

It all began as a blog, with a bit of ideas in mind. Initially, whatever I tried to introduce under Intrinsicpreneur, failed drastically. Every idea and every plan were going in vain. After much anticipation, learning, gathering knowledge, researching, and what not — somehow, I managed to build my startup — Intrinsicpreneur.

Since then, there were several modifications that Intrinsicpreneur went through. Each time, I made sure that it become better than its previous version. With proper planning and precise strategy, Intrinsicpreneur today is working with several clients. And, I was successful in turning the game in my favor.

The Adventurous Ride:

I am an adventurous person and a travel-connoisseur. Mostly, I love traveling to such places that are exposed to nature. I love trekking and ascending mountains. So, amidst the hustle and bustle of life, I try and take a getaway to visit forests and desolated places.

That’s what happened last year. While I was struggling to keep my ideas flowing and implanting something innovative, my mind became chaotic and I just used to sit there, trying to figure out the way out. The level of turmoil was so intense that I couldn’t figure out how to set things back.

Then, to calm my mind, I planned an escape. I went to a couple of places, which were isolated from the rush of city and situated in the lap of nature. These were mountain ranges, located amidst lush green forests. I went there, trekked mountains, let the cool breezes flow at my face, got lost in the forest, stood among huge tress, saw dense fog overpowering every corner, experienced rain of forest, heard animals during nights, lived in a small house deep inside the forest, sat beside a lake and worked my heart out.

Trust me, there is nothing stunning in this world other than relishing the joys of nature. It not only rejuvenates your senses but instigates you to go out in the world, get the shits done, and come back again. That’s what I did to calm my mind.

Impact on Health:

While these small trips provided much-need tranquility and peace to my mind, the moment I was back to the city life, mess started tearing me apart again. Undoubtedly, in this big wide world, good things last only for lesser time.

Although the plans and strategies that I had created in the forest worked well for me, soon I was out of ideas. And, I felt myself being dragged to the point one again. But, this time, not only my professional life, but my health started afflicting as well.

As a result, in almost three months, I fell ill often three times. It was the time when in all my consciousness, I knew I was getting screwed all over again. I felt the need to take the charge.

It all started with this dreadful realization. Over the past few years, I never felt the necessity to plot my short-term goals, as if long-term goals were sufficient to fuel up my fire and keep me moving. Resultantly, my work was severely wedged, my health hit the skids, and there was a complete off-balance between my professional and personal life. And then, after getting totally screwed up, I felt the need to take the charge.

So, what was my mantra to deal with such situation?

· I find the route: Go on a roller-coaster ride and measure what went right and what needs more prominence and consideration.

· I build Strength: Imagine how you would like your present situation to be. Write down every yearning, every luxury, and every extravagance that you would want in your life.

· I stop by the Campsites: Create short lists of goals and prioritize them. And then, create a plan to act upon them.

· I keep an eye for the highest peak: Do not leave focus and stick to them like you are a honeybee and your goals are the sweetest things.

· I reach the destination: Keep an eye on your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly development to reach the destination.

To make it easier for you to comprehend and abide by, I would define these points deeply.

To be continued…