Have The Cloud Computing Already Took Over?

Cloud computing has made a huge impact on the Computer technology. This was very clear when Google launched its Google Books with the memory of the tablets (less than 50GB) and wished its user to save their data on the drive over the internet. Cloud computing and cloud computing services have become the most focused and the most trending technology where in a lot of changes and progression are brought day after day.

But for those who have least idea about clouds, the clouds include those services provided over the internet may it be the storage in the mighty servers which are wide spread all over the world and provide hosted services like virtual machines.

The data and the applications are no more maintained in locally. There are advancements made in the Cloud Computing field so frequently both by the tech giants as well as the small cloud startups. Every IT company which would like to survive the future market should incorporate the cloud computing technology in their services.

The Tech giants are already making their advancements in the Cloud based industry. Amazon is topping the list of Cloud service provider with its Amazon Web services, which serves almost all the cloud computing services. It is trusted by most of the famous companies around the world. Amazon has also given its attention in the research for the development of its own Intelligent personal assistant called the Amazon Alexa.

15,000 Skills from Amazon Alexa, You Kidding Me?

Amazon has recently reported that its new Alexa has 15,000 skills to be explored for its Echo customer. Yes, I said 15,000, quite a huge number though. You know what’s still interesting? There is a website from Amazon to discover new skills which the Amazon Alexa can do.

The skills from the website needs to be triggered in the website to be able to work on it by means of the voice input. There is a Skill finder developed separately (could have been an inbuilt function though) which assists its users to find new skills dug inside the Amazon Echo’s skillset.

Microsoft, Right on Track

Let us see what Amazon’s immediate competitor, the Microsoft has got in its side to add strength. The Microsoft has introduced itself into the cloud business by its introduction of the Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Azure provides the customers almost everything related to cloud right from the Virtual Machines to the Internet of Things.

There is no wonder to hear these words from the Chief Financial Officer of the Microsoft — Amy Hood that the revenue from the cloud version of the Office 365 has exceeded the same from the conventional version of the software. An evidence that our world is moving so quick towards the cloud tech.

After giving up the mobile business, Microsoft claims to have a good profit in the recent reports because of the tax benefit they have got. The investors were attracted towards Microsoft, when they recognized Microsoft to having stepped into the future of the computing industry. Now their product, the Microsoft Azure is claimed to be the second largest cloud business standing next to the Amazon Web Services.

Google’s Part in Cloud Computing

The Google is not keeping itself from contributing to the Cloud computing business. We are already aware of the Google’s aid to the cloud technology like the Google Drive and the driverless car. The Google has launched its Jamboard some time back. With the digital touch screen, one can draw, attach digital notes to the canvas, and update the saved file over the internet on the go using a mobile device. It converts the handwritten inputs into types as well as the drawings into Digi shapes.

Expanding Business — Oracle

Having witnessed the profits in cloud based business in software as well as hardware, the Oracle corporation is doing its part to remain in the competition. Expanding its services in Europe, Middle East and in Africa, Oracle is likely to recruit a huge number of employees for its Cloud services.

Cloud Connected Robots

Cloud computing generally doesn’t always relate to the software. Cloud computing has also given some impact on the behavior of the robots with the help of high speed internet connection. The researchers are the coolest persons in my perspective. I say this because one scientist explained that the networked robots by their ability to share their experience with one another (other robots and to the server) can be exploited.

The Genius idea

He puts forward the discussion that one can reduce the time required for any robot to learn to do a function by networking the robot to the network which has previous experiences already recorded by the same or another robot. By increasing the number of networked robots, the time can be still reduced. For the execution of the networked robot in machine learning, a huge data transfer from and to the server is required requiring the usage of the 5G data connections which are very fast than the available connections.

Computer Revolution Ahead?

We may hopefully see the existence of a world fully connected to the cloud and keeping us in track with all our daily routine and guiding us through the hard times. Cloud computing is one to be welcomed and encouraged. But there are cons for every good advancement which are invented and proved worthy. It’s acceptable to practice the cloud computing until computers and robots control the human well-being.

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