Linkedin hashtag based dynamic communities

Dhanyal Radha Gopi
May 21, 2018 · 2 min read

There’s a relatively new feature in Linkedin Mobile App — #Communities.

It’s interesting to see both Communities and Groups in Linkedin.

Unlike Linkedin Groups, Communities are a dynamic collection of posts primarily based on hashtags. This creates loosely held interest based communities, helping you to discover content and people of your interests.

It also brings you a lot of visibility to your posts in front of your audience, if you use hashtags aptly.

#digitalmarketing #productmanagement #NewLinkedin

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New feature in Linkedin Mobile App — Communities
Interest based loosely held communities in Linkedin
Dhanyal Radha Gopi

Written by

Thinking Product-Design-Marketing; Building ConnectPlus, a next generation community engagement app for organizations

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