I Feel Infinite

I feel like I’m not meant to be awake during days. I imagine myself roaming the streets all nights. By myself or with friends. Empty roads. The dim light of streetlights guiding me all the way. Everything seems more beautiful.The quiet of the night. Ah the peaceful blissful quiet. Such silence that I can hear my own heart beating. Boom boom! Go out it says. Boom boom. Explore this place. Boom boom. Inhale the blanket of dark fantasy. Boom boom. Be alive. Boomboom. Be you... All my senses become heightened at night. I can see more. Hear more. Feel more. I don’t know if it’s the thrill of the mystery behind the darkness or its the palpable solitude that attracts me more. I feel more connected to my inner soul than I do during any other time. I’m just more of...me. And I feel infinite.