Do you have Kung Fu?

Practice, preparation , endless repetition.

The year 2016 has been mind-blowing for a single reason: I fell in love with Medium. I have read multiple stories and learnt valuable lessons.

The most important lesson I learnt is the importance of persistence and grit.

It’s about having a dream that you pursue against all odds.

That working hard is the only short-cut.

To keep going on the same path battling all obstacles that come your way.

Taking baby steps.

Making steady progress even if it’s at snail pace.

Believing in yourself.

Fighting all thoughts that tell you to quit.

To be so passionate , your dream and you become one.

To give all of yourself to that pursuit that matters.

To never give up.

And nothing exemplifies the importance of persistence more than this video about Kung Fu.

Here are the golden words of Hundred Eyes in text:

Hundred Eyes: In Kung Fu, we say “One hand lies, 
Hundred Eyes: the other hand tells the truth.” 
Hundred Eyes: If you one day you make it back to the West, what will you tell men of this strange word, “Kung Fu?” Will you tell them that it means to fight? Or will you say, like a monk from Shaolin 
Hundred Eyes: to summon the spirit of the crane and the tiger? 
Hundred Eyes: Kung Fu. It means, “supreme skill from hard work.” 
Hundred Eyes: A great poet has reached Kung Fu. The painter, the calligrapher, they can be said to have Kung Fu. Even the cook, the one who sweeps steps, or a masterful servant, can have Kung Fu.

Practice. Preparation. Endless repetition. Until your mind is weary, and your bones ache. Until you’re too tired to sweat. Too wasted to breathe.

Hundred Eyes: That is the way, the only way one acquires Kung Fu.

Do you have Kung Fu?

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