The Craze for Soccer Jersey

Soccer is the name of a sport, which is actively played by two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. Each team tries to make a goal by placing the ball within the nets. Each team tries to stop the other team from making the goal. It is played in an open field. The basic rule of this sport is that the players cannot touch the soccer ball with their hands. They can make goals only using knees, feet, kick or by the head. The sport is played at national and international levels also. Various tournaments are also held at various places from time to time. The world cup association also holds a competition among various countries, which is displayed on various TV channels also. It is a sport which is mostly played in English countries like London, England, and the U.K.
A Brief About the Soccer Jersey
Soccer Jersey refers to the t- shirt worn by the soccer players around the globe. One can spot these jerseys worn by the professional players on the field. In the market original or replica soccer jerseys are available. The authentic jersey bears the brand logos and official badges. The original jerseys are officially licensed by the designated authorities. The badges and logos are heat pressed and not embroidered to keep the weight minimal. The Indonesian market is flooded with the jerseys of different soccer teams. The t- shirt bears the name of players with a signature on it.
Proper care should be taken when washing the soccer jerseys. Some of the points are listed as below: 
• Before washing, the jersey should be turned upside down, this will protect the names or numbers printed on the jerseys.
• The jersey should be washed in cold water and this prevents the jersey from getting faded.
• It should be dried in the shade, to protect it from exposure to the direct sunlight. This will prevent the colors from fading.
The jersey is available in bulk quantities for every age group, be it men, women or kids. It is made from the premium grade fabrics having sweat absorbing qualities, to keep the body dry during the game. These jerseys are the latest rage among the youngsters and soccer players. One can easily spot people wearing jerseys of their favorite team and cheering for them in audience ring on the ground. There are many manufacturers in Indonesia who deal with the soccer jersey and provide them at the reasonable prices. Many soccer lovers collect these jerseys as their passion.Thus, it can be concluded that demand for soccer jersey is growing due to the growing craze for the sport.

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