“Push yourself beyond! Die trying!” Wait, lemme get this straight! ;)

You will come to know about this lil’ bird ;)

Okay people, certainly, there are already so many stuffs going on out there which are supposed to motivate us. But the real question here is, do they really motivate us? Maybe they do, but only for that particular time being.

What we will be like before getting started with those motivational stuffs? As usual, we might be just feeling like “I’m tired, I’ve been failing all the time, this is not at all working for me, damn I hate this world!” and “Yep, this is the time to get ourselves motivated! What the hell I gotta do now!? Alright! lemme just read some quotes,see some motivational videos on YouTube, listen to motivational songs!

And, Just right after done with them, we would instantly feel like“Damnnn! I’m totally up for this life and I’m gonna rock it!” You know, the kinda feeling that we get as soon as we take our coffee before the work. ‘The Instant energy!’

After a while, what happens ? Exactly! we’ll be back to our own business, doing what we were doing. Back to the square one anyway.

But, when it comes to real world, 99% we cannot get motivated just doing the above stuffs. This is something we need to experience it ourselves. Gladly I happened to experience it and I would like to share the same with you people.

We’ve been renting this home for almost 6 months now. And lately we’ve been getting noises from upstairs like frequent “tok tok toks’!?” and when I tried to figure out what was that, I found this Woodpecker! (Yes, that’s what you saw at the beginning of this post :D )God! It was hitting the glass window (double sided glass, outside it’s like a mirror and transparent when we are inside the home) with its powerful beak as the window showed the reflection of that!

Surprising thing is, it never stopped! It’s doing this for almost a month!! I was literally speaking to it. “Dude, it’s just your reflection! Stop doing that, you are gonna get this window broken and you are not gonna get anything out of it
and it was staring at me like “Hell no Human, you don’t have a single clue on what I’m up to! So just let me do my job!!” I even opened the window. But since we cannot keep it open all the time, we closed it and guess what? It started doing the same thing again.!

Sounds funny right! But fortunately, my mind got up with something by that. As a bird, it is indeed motivated towards the goal of whatever it has in its mind (maybe it thinks, that reflection is another bird which is caught inside our home and try break the window and get it out). Even though it doesn’t aware that there’s nothing he can make by breaking the glass window, it still tries its best! But we are the human beings! Why can’t we be like that? We can set our goals and keep working on it like the bird keeps hitting the window! This birdy is gonna break my window anyway but that doesn’t matter as we can obtain our goals! Makes sense right..?

Whenever I feel myself down or demotivated, I would just think about this Woodpecker. It’s really damn helpful!

Likewise, there could be many chances of experiencing those kind of scenarios to keep ourselves motivated! So friends, look forward to your chance and just grab it! No one can stop you then ;)

Dharan :)