Why high-performers don’t use to-do lists
Aytekin Tank

🤔 I think time management comes down to each individual and what works for them. To say high performers don’t use to-do-lists is generalizing. Richard Branson one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time credits his success to his to-do-lists. I think this could be a great way for some people to get stuff done.

I personal get a lot of stuff done using to-do-lists. It helps me prioritize the important things that need to get done. If a project I am working on is a big one it helps to break it down into small tasks and tackle a task at a time. Before I know it, it’s finished and I feel great. I feel more accomplished marking off things I’ve done. I also feel more organized that way. I get some people can’t function because they feel overwhelmed with all the stuff they have. I also think if the project is large and something you don’t want to do it’ll lead to procrastination. So if that large and awful task is the one thing you put down for the day, I personally know some people that will procrastinate and put that one thing off.

A lot of high performers actually schedule everything on their calendars. They set time aside on their calendar for emails, phone calls, etc. This is also another great way to manage your time if it works for you.

In my opinion people just need to test what works for them and stick with it.

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