A Chance Collaboration Poem with Foxton Girl

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Riverbanks Zoo, South Carolina. Photo by Gurpreet Dhariwal

The following piece emerged out of pure love. I love my Foxton Girl and conversations with her. She resides in New Zealand and I call her Foxy. She encouraged me to complete her already written poem and that’s how this one was formed. I hope you all rejoice it. You can follow the Foxton Girl on Twitter. And I would love to thank Tre L. Loadholt with all my heart for introducing me to Foxton Girl. Tre is a sweetheart and she has earned me a good friend in Foxy.

Foxton Girl

9 orange foxes standing in a line
One ran away don’t worry he’ll be fine
8 orange foxes waiting for their turn
One sat too close to the fire his tail did burn
7 orange foxes waiting for their lunch
One went; said he was tired of the bunch
Now 6 orange foxes : fit in 3 boxes!

A Poem

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I stumbled upon your grave
You were loud
I heard you
As loud as when you were alive
Didn’t they say we find peace after death?
But I guess they were wrong
May your soul rest in peace with dead souls

Gurpreet Dhariwal is an author of “My Soul Rants: Poems of a Born Spectator.” Her eBook is now available at Google PlayStore, Amazon, and Kindle. Connect with Gurpreet on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube

Saturday Writing Prompt

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Photo by Milin John on Unsplash

It seems dark
But it is not
I am talking about
The road of misery
Where I met you once
Then again
Over the period
I have realized
You weren’t a mistake
You weren’t a lesson
You were hiding from the world
You were done with the burden
I took your hands into mine
I walked along with you
That was my pride
I couldn’t give you my eyes
To see the world the way I saw
I couldn’t give you life
To live the way you wanted to live
I couldn’t give you hope
To try once more
I apologize
You died
I apologize.


Gurpreet Dhariwal

Author of “My Soul Rants: Poems of a Born Spectator”. Domestic Violence Survivor, Sketcher, Dog Lover, Poet. https://www.instagram.com/authorgurpreetdhariwal

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