On the first sight, it is the most rudest sentence one can say. I can never force other person to accept anything. Atmost I can talk to convince but never demand.

However, I am talking about self acceptance. I found that it can do wonders. I tested on myself for a few months now.

Let’s say you face a person who does not behave according to what you think is right. In simple words, you find someone annoying. Now, the immediate reaction, at least for me, will be to think what are the ways that person is annoying. You will keep thinking about that person and how annoying that person is. You will tell your friends. You will try to think how that person could have behaved better. This thought process destroyed some of your time which can never come back. Instead, accept that you are annoyed. Close your eyes and tell to yourself, “I am annoyed and it’s okay to be.”

Any such feeling can be subsided by two simple sentences. If you are angry, accept to yourself that you are angry and it’s okay. But doing this you can reduce the right/wrong conflict between two of your organs, whatever those are.

After trying this out, I felt so refreshed. Whenever a conflict arise I take a side, immediately, and the side doesn’t matter. It does not matter because I feel 90% of my thoughts are not going to be useful in any way for my future sustainability. So I wipe out any feeling straight away by this acceptance method.

Finally, ACCEPT that you are a normal human being and all these feelings of anger, impatience, laziness, etc. are common and it’s ok to be under the influence of this feeling. By reiterating to your brain about your current state, you are not letting your current state to take over your moment. So start accepting, stay calm and productive. ☺