Amazon Made Two Branding Mistakes With The Echo

I am a huge Amazon Echo fan. I have three in my house and it passes both the spousal utility test and the child happiness test (both my wife and five year old son love her — and yes, we refer to her as her, not it).

But there are two branding changes I’d make if I were Amazon:

  1. Just call the Amazon Echo the Amazon Alexa. No need to try and get two new nouns into people’s brains. I think Amazon already realizes this and calls the app on the iPhone the “Amazon Alexa” app (not the Amazon Echo app). The reason they probably didn’t do this to start with is that one of the features they were considering was to let people rename Alexa to whatever they wanted to use as the “command word”.

2. I’d stop calling the new capabilities that you can add to Alexa “skills” and just call them “apps”. Yes, yes, I know. They’re not actually apps. There’s nothing being downloaded or installed to the hardware device. But, most people already understand the concept of “apps” and instead of “enabling a skill”, “installing an app” will be less confusing and daunting.

Easy-breezy. Maybe not a big deal, but when dealing with humans the less friction you can create, the better.

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