Hey Medium, Is 3 Claps A Compliment?

Dharmesh Shah

OK, so I’m by no means a Medium expert. I had heard about this whole “claps” thing coming around the corner (how’s that for alliteration?) but didn’t know that they were seriously going to replace the favorite/heart/recommend thing with a thing where you hold a clap button down. Ok, I had to end that sentence, it was getting too long and ranty.

So, the thing I’m wondering: I just gave someone 3 claps (because I finally figured out that you didn’t have to hold the button down, you could just click repeatedly, hence dispensing your love a bit more judiciously) — is that a great thing or kind of a put-down?

I’m not new to this Internet thing. I’ve been around the block more than a few times (though admittedly, I’ve been a bit winded and breathing hard a few of those times). But, I honestly don’t understand the motivation for this whole clap thing. My guess is that we needed more granularity than just the binary “I liked this thing enough to give it a heart…or NOT”. But is that the case? I recall reading some “science” whereby we overestimate the value of such granular feedback mechanisms and they actually don’t add that much value.

Would love hear (read) your take on this whole thing. Meanwhile, I’m going to figure out how long one can click on that “clap” button and whether there’s like some daily quota of how many claps one can dispense.


p.s. If you leave a really insightful comment (I mean “feedback post”), I will totally clap the heck of it.

Dharmesh Shah

Written by

Founder/CTO of HubSpot and blogger at OnStartups.com.

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