Losing the headphone jack on iPhone, NBD. But this…

So, I have the new iPhone 7. It’s fine. It doesn’t have a headphone jack. That’s fine. I understand the reasoning (the world is moving to wireless anyways).

But, now there’s word that they are going to lose all USB ports on the Macbook Pro and be replaced with USB-C. At least there’s going to be more than one of them.

This one bugs me a bit more than the headphone jack thing. With the iPhone 7, space is at a severe premium and they’re trying to cut, cut, but. I get it.

But the Macbook Pro is for professionals (it’s right in the name!) And the constraints are not quite as severe. I’m carrying around enough dongles and doohickeys already. I don’t need to carry one more. At a minimum, Apple could have been nice enough to leave one USB port on there.

But, such is life. At least we’re getting a new update on the Macbook Pro, which has been long, long overdue. I spent decades using Thinkpads but made the switch Mac several years ago. I love it, but I will have so say, I liked the constant updates on the Thinkpad line. Never felt like I was falling behind in terms of hardware. Now I do.

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