#12 - How to Stay Motivated in a Job?

You have already chosen to do Job!!!
So now your only Job is to at least Stay Motivated!!!

It’s not at all a bad thing to do Job, but real bad if you do it whole your lifetime.

But for the sometime of your lifetime in which you do job, you have to do it very honestly and sincerely and yes stay motivated.

Here are some tips I have in store for you all.

Tip#1 — Keep yourself involved​ in the office

Don’t just only do the job in your job but also do things that are not listed in your Job Responsibilities section in your Appointment Letter.

There are many activities going on around and in your office arena in which you can participate voluntarily and have some fun out of the things other than job responsibilities.

For that, you have to be aware and excited at the same time for any task or activity assign to you.

Tip#2 — Make a Deadline for Your Own Self

Here is the thing, the most scary thing for any employee is of course Deadlines but I am saying that you should make your own Deadline for the assigned project. And that deadline should finish before the Project deadline.

I know it’s little tricky but I am not saying this for all the projects but some, in which you believe it’s feasible enough to do so.

Tip#3 — Spread Laugh and Joy

Sometimes it becomes very intense in office hours but listen, you can crack some funny punchlines at that point of time and spread some happiness in the faces of your fellow colleagues and relax a bit.

Things of that nature can really destress office ecosystem and lightens your mind from that part of the code you stuck from hours.

But beware, Sense of humour is a very rare commodity, it can go the other way around.

Just Chill , Have Fun and Do Your Job!!!
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ...
Kudos to Employees!!!