#25 - The Day when I almost got lost !!!

All Characters appearing in this story are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or doing anything thing is purely not coincidental coz it’s my own story. ”

The boy who played my role in childhood and got lost !!! Due to his sheer skills at that situation, I am here writing this story and not wandering on streets of Bombay.

Let’s read what happened actually at that time:

#) Back in the first year of 21st century (2000s) :

So at that time of the year my family decided to visit famous Gateway of India in Mumbai. And our whole family as always got ready to depart for Mumbai and we finally reached there after travelling some hours in train.

It was all faded memories for me now as I am only 7 odd years old then. But after going through some photos of our journey few days before I remembered that we have clicked some nice pics there and one of the pics was also dated 16 Dec 2000.

#) Then I am ready to get lost from Mumbai…

After roaming around the Gateway of India and some other places nearby we are now standing at the Mumbai Railway Station for our train back to Ahmedabad.

And from nowhere I got nature’s call with a slight bit of pain arising in my tummy. Then I asked my father to take me somewhere to get the upcoming thing done.

Normally we have Toilets and everything at the station itself but don’t know what happens that day, he(my father) placed me on the Railway tracks nearby platform. As a normal human kid, I also agrees to do the thing on the tracks where he took me.

When I started doing the thing, my father asked me to wait for him as he manages to come up with some water (most imp to finish that thing) , so I sat in continuation.

Now I am totally alone between those tracks and suddenly heard the voice of some train coming in my direction (which exactly is just a illusion) , but I as a kid got really scared and ran from there, and just searching my family members in that huge crowd which is always close to impossible.

But then from nowhere, this boy from God’s own backyard (working in some office at the platform) found me roaming alone. He took me to the Platform Announcement Office and asked me to Call Out the names of any family member I know.

And here at this point I used my unknown skill of remembering names and numbers to Call Out my Father’s full name, my uncle’s name and some 2–3 more names so that they can hear my voice from all over the Station Conundrum. And fortunately it worked and all my family members came there running all over the platform office and got me.

And then we lived happily ever after like some fresh wind coming from the Window. It was all so Scary-Exciting-Alone feeling that I actually felt it.

Kudossss To My Childhood Buddy…
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