#31 - Don’t Create. But Document It!!!

Imagine a life where you are enthusiastically documenting each and every moment of your life in creative words, entertaining videos, candid clicks and funny gifs plus you are enjoying your life in bonus.

But ironically many of us are living in this world doing nothing or doing everything at once or try to invent something new that is already there.

So Let’s see how you can start documenting :

Tip#1 — Start Writing Blogs

The world is full of blamers, complainers, doubters, debaters and chirpers who repeatedly blame others, complain about everything, doubt existence, debate about unknown topics and chirping on useless garbages.
Instead, you can start writing blogs about your life experiences, useful contributions, short motivational stories and keep yourself busy in this creative way to avoid such people.
Bonus: Improved Vocab, Great Narration, Creative Thinking

Tip#2 — Shoot Your Creative Side

The other way around for you to start documenting your life is to bring your more entertaining side in front of camera. What I mean to say is you should start vlogging or shoot some funny videos and begin uploading on YouTube like platforms.
What actually it can do for you is make yourself busy in documenting content that is organic yet entertaining plus generating your audience base.
Bonus: Increased Story-telling, Improved Content Creation, Audience Growth

Tip#3 — Capture Candid Shots

This is the most chillax and relax kinda activity for documentation of your life which captures the most candid, unforgettable, humorous and genuine images.
Try to find a moment in your life so priceless which you can actually take a picture of. It will allow you to live a life more like photographers then just looking at something and regretting afterwards.
Bonus: Images Archive, Changed Viewpoint and Better Image Editor

And last but the most useful tip — Please Stop Debating about things on which you don’t have any sort of control and begin documenting each bit of life without wasting any other millisecond of your precious life and show it to this beautiful world.

Use some Gifs too —

Kudossss To Creative Documentation !!!