#34 - The Positives of Terrorism

From this ultimate post I wanna provide you with some positives of all the terrorists who are spreading violence all across the country, the continents and the world.

The reason behind is even not exactly known to those terrorists, that are wandering around with weapons.

Let’s start firing the positives:

Positive#1 — Making Families Come Together

Those hardworking terrorists kill anyone from any country, cast or religion and think that they are getting successful in destroying families altogether but those silly humans don’t know that they are actually making those families come more closer than ever by killing their loved ones.

Yes I know this is sad-very-sad and heart-breaking especially for those affected families and their members, but if you take any positive from this situation than you can realise that those families are becoming emotionally more healthier than anybody else.

Positive#2 - Making Citizens More Angry

Day by day by killing more and more innocent citizens of the country they are indirectly making those citizens of that country more aggressive and violent against terrorism which may directly affect those silly terrorists and their terrorism gangs survive for the existence.

By invoking anger from the depth of the heart of the citizens they are just making things worser for themselves as this drops of anger someday will take a large monsterous form and just destroy that every bit of terrorism from this world.

Positive#3 - Making World More Peaceful

Those great terrorists just didn’t get this that there are more numbers of people in this world who wants peace and love than some numbers of their terrorism gangs. Which might results in making the affected and unaffected countries come together and make a global solution for flushing those toilet-germs like terrorists.

But as we know, we human beings only get the feel of the pain and anger when someone related with us gets affected, but not when other family or other country people gets killed or injured. So it might take some time but ultimately only the peace is going to be the winner.

My name is not Khan and I am also not the part of any terrorism gang but the pure believer of positive vibes.

This terrorists attacks is not going to diminish until and unless each and everyone of us gets united and take a unified decision to do more operations like Osama and Surgical Strikes.

Kudosss and Sympathy to those who got survived in that Amarnath Attack recently.