#7.1 - A Day Spent in Aniyali

A Village does not discriminate between Rich and Poor…they all are Poor but with Rich Hearts ❤️.

The simplicity of villagers and their hospitality stands out with those limited yet useful contributions for us.

Making a Decision:

There is nothing like full-proof or strong plan, when friends decides something.

It’s the eve of my Friend’s(VazuDev Patel) Wedding at his very own backyard or we can say at his village (Aniyali). And Boy, no chance we gonna miss this golden opportunity to explore and experience the living and liveliness of Indian Villages.

As we have decided to reach Aniyali from Bikes ,we’ll meet at sharp 7 AM on Sarkhej-Sanand Circle(what we have decided). And something did happen at sharp 7 AM, two of my friends actually woke up at that time even after this(what they have decided):

Bike Ride to Aniyali

The thing that matters the most is the journey to the destination.

Somehow they both reached to the point we have decided and we started our ride towards the wedding destination.

After 65–70 minutes of biking, we almost reached to our destination when something unexpected happened, one of our friend’s bike got punchers and took some time to get it repaired.

Then there is something which stays between those who have seen it and feel it.

The Morning Lunch

When you are not used to village culture, you get surprises like Lunch in the Morning around 10 AM. But as we are bit hungry to wait for normal routine Lunch we eventually fall for Morning Lunch.

And believe me the food was as tasty, as Desi as you get anywhere. So, something did started well for us.

Then meeting with the most important person of the day is the ultimate feeling.

Short Trip to Nalsarovar

Then we decided to see some Flamingos​ in action.

Nalsarovar is the Spot for us. It’s almost 5 kilometers far from Aniyali. We have again taken our bikes to reach there.

And one important notice for all of you those who are planning to go Nalsarovar anytime soon — Don’t Go!!!

In Summers, the temperature is so high that even the Flamingos don’t come to Nalsarovar for a visit. It’s a good idea to go Nalsarovar in winters as the temperature is also cooler and Flamingos do enjoy too.

The Party Begins in Night

And the most awaited time of the day comes when the time clocks at 10 PM.

Celebration begins, the bridegroom also dressed up and it all happened​. The Loud Music started to flow between our body and our body flows in every direction. Some dances their heart out and some only proved their attendance there.

Picture Courtesy: I, Me, Myself

So, we danced​ so much that we finally went to sleep in our room(provided by Vasu) and started something as usual…Game of Cards!!😁😁😁

Till 2 AM in Night/Morning we finally got to our bedsheets.

And what happened the next day is on the other part of the blog.

Stay Tuned and Yes,

Be Desi, Be Rich.