#38 - My First Android App Story

Back in November 2013, pursuing Bachelor in Computer Applications from GLSICA, me and some others students from the class are forced/asked to develop our projects compulsorily in Android or iOS just because we were in that top-30 list of toppers.

At that time, I don’t know even the single piece of code in Android. I have chosen to do project in Android because I don’t have an iOS device to test our app and the configurations in my laptop.

After 2–3 days of parliamentary discussion we’ve reached to a conclusion that we will develop the App for TGB Cafe n Bakery.

Now when you don’t know any programming language, you go to Tutorial Sites but luckily from somewhere I got one of the best collection of Android Tutorials by The New Boston of about 200 videos.

And slowly and gradually I get into this incredible environment of Android Programming with layouts and Java files and end up actually liking it

Some of the screenshots of that App are like this:

I Know it’s a bit weird type of design and all but that is what I manage to develop in that end of the semester moment. I don’t even have the source code unfortunately of my first app.

And to know more about me you can check out an interesting blog titled My Honest Resume .

Kudossss To Android Community!!!