My Version of the year 2020

If life gives you lemon, make a sweet lemonade from it

Currently sitting in a bus on my way to home after a daily routine job.

Don’t know what I am gonna do in next 2 and a half years from now, but it surely will be best days of my life.

In 2020, I maybe giving some Tech Talk or some motivational speech in front of Ocean Size Audience in an Central Air Conditioning Town hall and displaying this letter or I can say my Ambition Cover to my Audience.

You have to do something.Period.

Whether or not you are going through good time or bad time , you have to continuously do something that keeps you going and keeps you busy and keeps your mind distracted from those who are distracting you from becoming what you are going to be.

That’s it, that’s the whole game!!!

One more quote and you will be super motivated.

Please.. Please.. Please don’t let your self getting dominated by the thoughts of those who are already dominated by some other losers otherwise you too will become the part of that race which everyone of us knowingly or unknowingly is serious about, without Knowing the finishing line and without Knowing and conscious about what it is all about !!!