Never screw up Experiences! Not atleast like CREDR.

I have been facing really bad customer experiences in the past few days with Indian startups that I have been trying. The biggest disappointment among them is CREDR. As a designer, I have been reading and trying out strategies to improve customer experiences in organisations. But CREDR has actually taught me what a bad customer experience could do to a person.

Nov 2, 12:30 pm:

I booked an Activa for a test drive through their portal paying Rs 500 online payment. So the promise from CREDR side is that

•They would block the vehicle for 48 hours. • Refund money if I don’t like the vehicle after the visit.

The vehicles’ details : 2013 model | 12k run |31,000 price

I have been waiting for someone to call me to confirm the details and schedule visit for the vehicle. But no one called me that day. I was still having hopes, as the vehicle would be blocked for me.

Nov 3rd, around 4:00 pm :

I still hadn’t gotten the call from CREDR. Was waiting for the call.

I was rechecking their website and the price had increased from 31k to 40k. Shocked.

I called CREDR cusomter care for an explanation. The lady at the customer care side told me

‘Sir, we haven’t changed the prices, the agent must have changed’


Thats the most annoying answer I have ever heard. I booked the service through CREDR. CREDR communicates all the details in their name. But the prices are changed by the agent. One minute! Where did the agent come from? Who is he? Did I pay CREDR or the agent? I don’t even know the agents name.

I insisted her to put me on call with some senior person. An executive named Ansari takes the call. Says the same thing. ‘I shall check back and call you in 5 minutes’. I believed and waited. No call back.

After 30 minutes, I gave them a call back. Could not get through. So I keep trying and finally another girl named Disha picks up the call.

She says ‘How can I help you?’

Ugh! I can’t tell the entire story again.

She insists and I tried telling her. again.

Disha : Sir can you tell me which vehicle you had booked?

Me : Activa.

Disha : Can you tell me the vehicle number?

Me : Please note down my phone number and track the order

Disha : No sir we don’t have that provision. Can you tell me your vehicle number?

Me : Im talking standing outside my office. Note down the vehicle details.


and after 5 mins of me explaining the vehicle using all the possible factual and metaphorical information she was able to track the vehicle.

Thoughts :

This startup got 16 million dollars in funding and has not created a database of customers and their orders to search. God only knows.

Disha tells me that she would re-route the issue and will let the concerned team to get back to me. I insisted again that I want to speak to Mr Ansari. She put my call on hold and made me wait for a couple of minutes and came back with the answer ‘Ansari is busy and will call you later’ . That ‘later’ never came.

Being pissed off I came and dropped a mail requesting a refund for the money I paid and I get an auto -reply.

Nov 3rd, around 7:00 pm :

Another customer care guy calls me to initiate a refund. He has no idea about why I am asking the refund. He is all trying to be nice and asks my bank account number, IFSC code, everything on a phone call.

Thoughts :

  1. Who in these days asks for bank details and refunds the money? Why don’t they have an auto refund process, which is a basic thing every startup has.
  2. Who asks all these details over a phone call? What authenticates that they concerned person is from CREDR. Its a secrutiy breach.

I refused to give the details over phone and asked him to send a mail from CREDR account to request the same. That mail never came as usual.

I waited for two days and no one contacted me regarding the issue. Today I had a chat with the customer care and it was epic.

Nov 6th, around 4:30 pm:

When pitching, we are more than happy to say that we would want to be amazons, UBER’s and Airbnbs of India and this is the kind of customer service we get. May be the country is not blessed enough to get good startups. Totally broken systems. On top of all that I get this message.

WTF?! If this is the status of the Indian startups, forget unicorns, these companies are not worth more than popcorns. I still havent gotten a call or the refund.

Update :

Got a call from Mr Lokendra Singh ( CREDR customer experience team ) to address the concern and the following points were cleared out

  • He apologised for the mis happenings
  • The vehicles have a dynamic pricing and are changed by the agents ( from whom they source the vehicles ) from time to time. But when a customer blocks the vehicle at a particular price, he is bound to get it at that price it seems. That means I am eligible to get it at 31k.
  • The customer care person did not have this information.
  • Both thier technical glitches and behavioural aspects will be looked upon.
  • He has invited me to have chat to imporve the experience of their process.

Verdict :

Its still a net negative. As this issue has rekindled a lot of thier previous customers ranting about thier bad experiences with CREDR post buying the vehicles. That makes me to take a step back. Hopefully thier process is streamlined soon. No brand is perfect. But it should atleast have proper channels to address. Fingers crossed. At the time of updating this article, I got back my money.

Though these claims have not been verified personally by me, I trust CREDR will resolve thier concerns. Thanks