Path to RedHat.

Road map that we gone through to get training from redhat.

Dharsan Kumar
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Coimbatore Session

On 15 July 2017 Saturday, as our mentor and CEO of CodeWalkers organized a Two Seminar at the KGiSL Institute of Technology in Coimbatore,india. In the Seminar, we covered topics of free and open source software (FOSS), Fedora, and git. Before talking about the event, I would like to thank a few people whose presence made this event a huge success. I would like to thank

Getting started in our College

The event started at 9:00am in the Placement Hall of our institute. We had Two speakers who talked at the event

  1. Vipul Siddharth
  2. Prakash Mishra

Some pictures of our session

Introducing FOSS and its importance

on 16 July 2017 Sunday, vippul started his talk with discussing FOSS, its philosophy, ethics, and importance. The talk covered various important aspects of FOSS such as…

  1. What is FOSS?
  2. How FOSS works
  3. Why should you contribute to FOSS?
  4. Areas of contribution
  5. How and where to get started with project-based contribution

Introducing the Fedora Project

Coming up next, we had an intriguing talk by Prakash Mishra, who covered a wide range of topics about the Fedora Project and how to contribute. His talk included…

  1. How to start with Fedora contributions
  2. Where to contribute? Fedora QA, Documentation, Packaging, CommOps, etc.
  3. Creating a FAS account, joining a mailing list, and how mailing lists work
  4. Using IRC to connect with the community
  5. Fedora Apps

Git and virtual reality (VR)

In the end, we had Sumantro Mukherjee give a talk on version control systems, git, and GitHub. This also included a hands-on demo of git and how to use it to contribute to a repository on GitHub. The talk covered some basics of git and GitHub such as…

  • What is version control?
  • Need for a version control system
  • Methods of version control

  • What is the git, who developed it, and why you should use it?
  • What is GitHub and why you should use it?
  • Setting up and configuring git
  • Stages of file tracking

  • Creating a new organization and repository on GitHub
  • Hosting a static website on GitHub

  • Basic git commands: git status, git clone, git diff, git add, git . commit, git push, etc.
  • How open source contribution to GitHub repositories works
  • Forking a repository and the concept of “pull requests”

  • How web VR works

Wrapping up

The Session was wonderful and the audience listened to the sessions with rapt attention. They also raised a few awesome questions to have their doubts cleared. The team RedHat(vippul and prakash) Looking at our response they selected a set of people and planned to train us in RedHat office which is located in IBM Knowledge Park,Bangalore.

We wrapped up the session by 6:00pm in the evening.

Bangalore Session