I agree that in general we should attack ideas and not people.
Richard Hartzell

OK, this is tedious. I’ve got one more reply in me, and then it’s adios, amigo.

Indeed, the only reason I’m replying is because you said this …

But, sure, let’s say she’s a Trump troll. Why didn’t you call her that, then?

I didn’t say she’s a Trump troll because I don’t think she is a Trump troll; I think she’s a Putin troll. That’s the only reason I replied to her comment. That’s what I meant in my last reply when I said …

Had she not begun her comment by admitting she wasn’t American and insisting she didn’t care about the election I wouldn’t have bothered replying to her comment.

In fact, given your last reply I’m beginning to wonder if you’ve actually read anything I’ve written so far. Previously I’d said …

common sense makes clear that Putin would prefer a Trump presidency to a Clinton presidency. Trump’s lack of interest in foreign policy in general and Putin’s Russia in particular — exemplified by his utter lack of awareness of Russia’s presence in Ukraine or annexation of Crimea — is obviously music to Putin’s ears. He’d much prefer to deal with a foreign policy neophyte whose campaign is focused almost solely on affairs back home than with a former secretary of state who has publicly criticized him.

Putin prefers Trump. Ms. Voreskova, who’s not American and “couldn’t care less” who wins the election … excoriates Michael Moore for making fun of Trump. And she uses the same language American Trump supporters would use if they were excoriating Michael Moore.

But is the mysterious and alluring Ms. Voreskova a Putin troll or not? Well, elsewhere on Medium she did say …

Putin is corrupt. Of course he is. He is a politician. Show me one who isn’t corrupt and I will eat my hat.

So there you have it, Sirous — looks like I don’t know what I am talking about. All along I’ve just been weird and regressive and, well, gross.

Yeah, you’re right, dude. Damn! Of course, right after she called Putin “corrupt” she added …

But he has also proven himself a good leader, especially during the crisis in Ukraine and various other manufactured NATO provocations. That is why people respect him.

Whoa, Svetlana — first you zigged and then you zagged. Didn’t see that coming!

So is the mysterious and alluring Ms. Voreskova a Putin troll? Well, she’s probably not on the payroll.

But in Putin’s pocket? Definitely.

P.S. For extra credit, read this freshly published article in that untrustworthy left-wing rag, the New York Times.

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