If it seems like I have contempt for the American voter, it’s because I do.
Aleks Mistratov

Was a patronizing, elitist attitude responsible for the British Brexit vote, or did Nigel Farage and his minions lying about how those millions of pounds of EU dues could be repurposed for the National Health Service have something to do with it? Or the invalid claim that leaving the EU would allow Britain to slam the door on Europeans streaming in to take their jobs? Or the specious view that the EU was nothing more than an expensive, meddlesome bureaucratic black hole —sort of like how the American right has always viewed the UN?

Should those with a patronizing, elitist attitude fight lies like these with lies? Would that help? When so many Trump supporters are “fact proof” (do they really believe Trump is going to build a very tall, very long wall and get Mexico to pay for it?), what approach would you recommend?

A few years ago Ted Cruz tried to force the federal government to default on its debt. I can only conclude his reasoning was founded largely on the idea that the fear of defaulting was a phony “boogey man” and that all we needed to do to prove its fraudulence was to go ahead and do it. That attitude is rampant now — let’s throw out all the glib assumptions and outmoded institutions propped up by patronizing elitists and show how phony and meaningless and unimportant they are.

When a big chunk of the country pretends it isn’t radical to blow up every received idea and let a man with zero political experience (and a preening self-regard) improvise workable alternatives, how do you suggest patronizing elitists deal with it?

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