It is so easy…

I remember the day very clearly . I was waiting outside an elevator which required an operator clicker . I called my friend to bail me out and as usual he asked me to wait till he finished with his nature’s call.

While I waited there endlessly , I saw this girl struggling with a big bag and trying hard to pull it towards the elevator. While I stood there looking around for someone to help me get into the elevator ,she had realized that I didn’t have the clicker and offered to bail me out. I did play my part helping her with her huge bag. (Trust me I couldn’t pull it , but I had to put up a brave face…)This led to a casual talk around where we were from ,what we did for a living and so on . I remember she had asked me if ‘I liked what I did’ when I told her I worked as a software engineer. Not many people ask this question , as the usual is ‘How much you earn .?’

Very casually she mentioned that she heads a ‘Startup’ which aims to fight hunger and wants to avoid food wastage.At first I really thought it must be the one of the many startups the Bay area has and didn’t give it much thought.

I became friends with her on FB. And as time went by , I saw her ‘shares’ about the activities of her Startup (Feeding was intrigued by her work and visited the website to find out more.As the webpage said , they were fighting the ‘World’s dumbest problem-Hunger’.

Yes, Hunger.

According to WFP ,around 795 million people in the world do not get enough food to lead a normal, active life.I was shocked to find out 1 in 6 people in America face hunger.

Sadly , India is home to the highest number of hungry people in the world, at 194 million.I can go on with these disturbing statistics on hunger…

Feeding Forward( is an perfect example of how people can use technology to fight hunger.It has a very simple model.

  1. Request a pick up when u have excess food. (They have a mobile app.(iOS/Andriod))Isn’t that cool !
  2. A Food hero will pick up and deliver the food to a nearby shelter.

Similar initiatives have also begun in India. Websites like, have a launched a helpline to donate any excess food that you may have.Call them on - 098711 78810.

In Mumbai , you can call the Dabbawallas .They have set up two helpline numbers on which any Individual can call to schedule a pick-up of leftover food.Call them on +919867221310/+91865276042.

So, why not take a step forward and use technology to play your part in solving the world’s dumbest problem . Just download the app / make a call and schedule a pick up for the leftover food you may have after a party or a marriage function.It is so easy…

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