Is Your Idea Really Worth a NDA

Credits : Unsplash

Biggest misconception among first time founders is that Idea is the key to any Startup/Company. If you have a so called great idea you will easily land among Billion Dollar Club. But is it really that simple ?

From my experience most newbie entrepreneurs refrain to talking about their idea which they think is the next big thing because they are inspired by the movies like “The Social Network” or “Pirates of The Silicon Valley” which portrays how Mark used Winklevoss Brothers’ idea and made Facebook, Or how Bill simply copied Apple I and made Microsoft out if it.

We at MyIdealist are on a mission to rupture this notion. We are building a community of Hackers, Hustlers and Designers where you can share your Idea and get it approved from your audience before actually building the product.

And why are we doing this ?
Let’s agree on one thing, More than half of next big thing startups we hear about makes no sense. And if you don’t check out Internet of Shit’s Twitter.

An Idea is like water, If it flows it remain fresh forever else it starts stagnating. So let your idea flow. When you share your idea chances are when someone likes it he will add some value to it else he will simply discard it.

But if you are thinking maybe someone will build a billion dollar company out of your idea then you are wrong. It takes uncountable sleepless nights and immeasurable energy to build a company out of an idea. Now if someone has enough resources to get the MVP built he must be having hell lot of ideas himself, So he ain’t going to work on your.

If you don’t believe me send your idea to some entrepreneur and ask him to work on it. I am pretty much sure you won’t get a reply or at max “I will think about it”.

So, Stop wasting papers on Non Disclosure Agreement and start sharing idea. Start with your peers if you are uncomfortable sharing it with random stranger on the Internet, before you spend months on building the product.