How to stop chasing other people’s dreams?

Dhaval Gajera
Aug 31, 2017 · 4 min read

Whenever I go for a jog early morning, I see a bunch of unhappy faces dressed in formals waiting for their company bus to arrive.

It’s clear from their faces that they get up because they have to not because they want to and go to work daily because they had to, not because they want to.

One of my friend who is a manager at a renowned company and 8 years ahead of me, said me these words, “I am tired of getting up every morning only to go to a place I hate.”

It’s not only about him. Almost every 8 out of 10 people are working like a cog in a machine or a cubicle only to make their ends meet.

They don’t love the work they are doing. Then why do they continue to do so?

They do so because they have accepted this as a default way to live their life. Their previous generations have done the same thing and taught them to work hard all day long at a job they hate. And now, these unhappy people will teach same thing to their children.

When will we realize that the world has changed now and it’s not as it used to be 10 years ago?

At any point in our lives we are either chasing our own dreams or chasing other people’s dream.

Why do we chase other people’s dream?

Because we are taught to. We were taught to study new things because we could now use that learning to get a job to help other people make rich.

I don’t remember any of my teachers who said that I could chase my dreams and work for myself.

No one told me that you don’t have to start with a job right away after graduation but take some time to start figuring out what really excites you.

Most of the graduates these days are thinking where can they get a job after graduation rather than thinking which business they should start.

Why chase our dream?

Do you know how you feel when you are excited to get up in the morning to work for your passion and you can’t wait to do that work because it’s exciting and challenging?

Very few people know it. That’s because we associate work with money. If don’t get money at first, we won’t do it. And when we get money, we ask for more money before we can do more work.

But reality is totally different. It’s the rule of universe that you have to pay the price first to get the reward. We all know that result comes only after hard work then why do we expect good result before working hard?

But that’s what we do and that’s the only reason most of today’s youth are unhappy with the work they do.

How to stop chasing other people’s dream?

Think what’s going wrong in your life.

First step to chasing our dreams is to acknowledge that living in a conventional way is not going to fulfill our dreams. We have to stop thinking what everyone else is thinking.

How many people have you met who think, do and be same as everyone else does and then wonder why are they not getting results with their life?

If your life is not where you want it to be, look at your past actions. And then look at your present action.

Are you taking the same actions you took yesterday and then expecting different results?

Know your interests and passions in life.

The only way to accelerate progress in your life is to know your passion in life and then working on it to make your dream come true.

Here are some surprising benefits if you are working on your passion.

· You enjoy the process.

· Your stress levels are too low.

· You take life very lightly.

· You don’t get tired solving problems.

Do it one step at a time.

Most of us get frustrated when we don’t see the results quickly.

We don’t start it because we have a full time job and less money but do you know that 65% of entrepreneurs started their business part time?

Most of us consider age as a major factor and think that once they are married and have children, the less their chances of starting a business but do you know that Jack Ma- Alibaba founder, Jan Koum — Whatsapp founder, Sam Walton — Walmart founder and many more successful people started their business after 30 years of age.

Don’t let working for others distract your own dream. Start thinking for yourself now.

Start developing the entrepreneurial mindset now by reading book, attending events, listening to podcasts.

Don’t let lack of experience be an excuse for not pursuing your dreams.

The world has enough critics. We need more dreamers.

Will you starting working on your dreams now?

Image credit: Pixabay.

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