I ranked every Intro to Data Science course on the internet, based on thousands of data points
David Venturi

David Venturi I am currently pursuing Computer Engineering and I just have a year left to complete. I also have a brother who is studying in the same college and same stream. We both are studying on educational loan. I have a keen interest in Machine learning. I am currently taking a refresher on Statistics on Udacity taught by Sebastian Thrun.

Considering the fact that I know:

  • Python (Between Beginner to intermediate)
  • A rough overview of Machine learning (Did a certified course for it on NPTEL and also I am halfway to Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning course)

Now the main problem is that within 5–6 months Campus job interviews will be conducted in my college and I need a job to support my family. I need something to show the employers so that I can get a job as a Data analyst.

So, should I go for the Data science A-Z by Udemy or take up the Data analyst Nanodegree?