Stealing A Kiss.

Our eyes meet once,

And the blush is hard to miss,

She goes fluttering away,

As I try to steal a kiss.

She doesn't speak a work,

All talking is done with eyes,

Her movements so elegant,

It makes you break up all the ties.

She leads me to her grove

Her lips hint a smile,

And then we walk some more,

I'd walk till the millionth mile.

I catch her at the delicate wrist,

She feels like the touch of glass,

She turns around and reddens again,

And we stand face to face on the wet grass.

I look in her eyes, but she

Does not look directly at me,

Her gaze is smiling and carefree,

And yet the hint of shyness is there to be.

I hold her by her waist,

And pull her closer to me,

She gives half a smile,

And I laugh stupidly.

Our eyes meet again,

And her blush is hard to miss,

Again she goes fluttering away,

As I try to steal a kiss.

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