A Protest Song For Taylor Swift (091)

image credit: DHBogucki 2017

“A Crowd of People Turned Away”

They say this is a global earth,
and rights are yours because of birth.
I can’t tell if this is the freedom to choose, 
or the right to pay more dues.
Are they making the country safer, 
or are they digging our graves deeper?

Would you notice if their boot was on your neighbour’s neck? 
You have declared the log is but a speck.
You keep swearing you are not the fool. 
While the wolf is wearing wool, 
And the pig he buys a jet
It’s all a lie like a five piece string quartet.

If they are not coming for me, 
doesn’t that make you the enemy?
I can’t say I believe your reason, 
might we call your discourse treason? 
We’ll show them our morality is the majority!
We’ll take the horns of rampaging authority!

If your relationship to Capitalism is your whole life? 
Could it be you are the battered wife?

(The outro will be a dub from the song Revolution, and during the fadeout underneath the instrumental track for the chorus.)
Don’t you know it’s gonna be…
all right…

Following this song would be a remake of “Under Pressure” in a duet with Beyonce. The video is totally worth a look.

Poem number 091 of 365

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