Is the food any good, DHBogucki?
Roy Schlegel

As far as Chinese people cooking food for American people goes, this place is good. It’s much better to order to-go from the menu than to eat from the buffet. Their fried rice is top notch. They even refrain from dumping evil water chestnuts into every dish.

Asheville has a number of single owner Chinese restaurants including a traditional noodle place. Yes, they make the noodles in house! That place is really yummy.

The one place we like to go to if it’s a celebration is called Oriental Pavillion. They have a decent vegetarian menu that does not disappoint and an awesome dish we refer to as Tofu Homestyle. They do something to the tofu that is delectable.

The one place I want to eat at but have noone to go with is a Korean place that appears to have a low volume of non-Asian customers. That place would be great and I suspect fiery.

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