Soup and Bed: photo credit BHD

Blankets for a Weary Body.

Sick Day :-(

7pm is an early bedtime, but my nodding head said, yes. Some kinda sumpthin’ is draggin’ me down. Anyone else got this poop? I’m cold even in bed with a hat on. And socks, yes, I am bundled up with the dog furnace between my legs. I’m cold, and tired, my two main symptoms.

Sinuses are acting like they are about to kick up a fuss, but not quite yet. Dull headache sits waiting for the signal.

Vitamins, soup, and more vitamins have been tossed down my gullet. I know there is something wrong because I’m unbelievably hungry. It’s my bodies sign I need rest. Doing the littlest bit of nothing causes hunger, and chills.

Here I am waiting for the shoe to drop, or take a hike.

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