Bleeding Reification

Finding context is a need we all have. Understanding the actor that is inner beauty is buoyed by context. As writers we contextualize the world, but often lack the courage to find living context.

I hear you murmuring about meaning. The problem with meaning is that it does not supply circumstances, or we could say a moment, in which comprehension takes place. We chase after meaning forgetting that the true purpose of that word is to put a box around the defining process.

Do you want to have a box around you, or do you want to have a chance at continual spiritual growth — growth of your skills as a writer, and thinker? Our way of birthing context; we write first for our own heart, and then we consider the audience. Writing done well can strip out subject and object positionality. Which gives the reader room to empathize, and to embody. Context allows meaning to wiggle if there is a need.

Don’t you want wiggle room in your life?

Episodically I become completely inebriated with Peter Gabriel’s, US album. I use it to elevate pain into catharsis. Come Talk To Me, effortlessly starts the work. It’s quite blatant without loosing an ounce of poetic grace. Of the lines delivered the ones that carry me into the moment congregate most in the first stanza. Forgive me. I’m attempting to be choosy here.

In search of you I feel my way though the slowest heaving night
 Whatever fear invents, I swear it make no sense
 I reach out through the border fence
 Come down, come talk to me

Peter Gabriel, gilds his song with rhyming structure, and relatable words that are used with precision. He wants you to be able to use this song. Listening to the context is as important as his voice, and the instrumentation.

I won’t lie. Pain keeps coming to the surface. Most likely an unintended outcome when this site was devised. Really though, it’s why I feel I have to write this. The need to remind each other that we can use this however we want. Within the terms of service of course. We can do as much catharsis as needed here. Do not resist the desire to rip your heart out for all of us to see.

I always enjoy entertaining thoughts about old cafes with the hard chairs and ash trays — full of creatives bouncing ideas off of each other. Most of us don’t smoke, not all of us drink coffee, but we are all here in the bouncy house together.

In closing I am going to pull some more quotes. When you are feeling completely low remember that there was someone brave enough to do an album filled with cathartic songs. So, no, you are never alone in grief and healing. Our whole history is about grief and healing.

Loved To Be Loved
Though it takes all the strength in me
 And all the world can see
 I’m losing such a central part of me
 I can let go of it
Blood of Eden
Is that a dagger or a crucifix I see
 You hold so tightly in your hand
 And all the while the distance grows between you and me
 I do not understand
You know your stripper from your paint
 You know your sinner from your saint
 Whenever heaven’s doors are shut
 You kick them open but
 I know you
Only US
It wasn’t in the words that kept sticking in their throats
 It wasn’t with the angels in their quilted coats
 These battered wings still kick up dust
 Seduced by the noise and the bright things that glisten
 I knew all the time I should shut up and listen
 And I’m finding my way home from the great escape
Washing of the Water
I get those hooks out of me
 And I take out the hooks that I sunk deep in your side
 Kill that fear of emptiness, loneliness I hide
Digging in the Dirt
I’m digging in the dirt
 Stay with me I need support
 I’m digging in the dirt
 To find the places I got hurt
 To open up the places I got hurt
Kiss That Frog
Ah, princess you might like it
 If you lower your defense
 Kiss that frog, and you will
 Get your prince
Secret World
With no guilt and no shame, no sorrow or blame
 Whatever it is, we are all the same

Post script:
All but three songs make me cry. Most make me cry like a baby. I play this alone so I can be as free as possible. Being alone with your discomfort, and anguish is not a curse. There is no shame. We all must have a refuge within ourselves. You have to save a piece of intimacy for you, just you.