Cyborg’s Light for As Long As It Takes
H. Nemesis Nyx

Go to this weeks show, Sept 30th. Scroll near to the end of the shows stream. You will be touching the five with your cursor on the scroll bar. There is a compelling piece about Empathy, and Compassion. Seriously a must hear!

Tremaine L. Loadholt, Ayesha Talib Wissanji, Sean Howard, Classical Sass, Crystal Lady, Victoria Easterday, walkerjojones, Shari M, Ezinne Ukoha, Clay Rivers, Judi., Mairead O Donoghue

Tag whoever to this. Oh, and read the piece this is attached too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Compassion is the only answer.
Compassion is the feeling we feel AFTER empathy. It is the thing inside us that pushes us to do something to alleviate another’s suffering. Compassion doesn’t care about who wronged who. Compassion is only concerned with righting a wrong, healing a pain loving others in a way that THEY can feel. Compassion isn’t going to debate about what a person in pain is feeling. Compassion would never tell someone they are wrong for how they feel or ask for justification. Compassion will never tell anyone that they are to blame for their suffering. Compassion only wants ONE SINGLE THING —
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