My sweetie’s pumpkin, 2016 : really bad photo BHD


Today, I am going as a pirate to the urgent care when it opens. Some stupid something is in my eye. No amount of water is washing it out. Not standing in the shower, not rinsing in the sink, not help from sweetie. So, I am One Eyed Jack this Halloween.

I was all prepared to wear this festive hat to work.

But no. Today is shit day.

I had been planning to be “sick” this month to do some important things. With this issue all I can muster is sitting in bed writing, reading, and even then it is a struggle. This annoyance has also informed me of just how shitty my right eye has gotten. With only this eye to use, I have to wear readers to see all screens.


How today will transpire. God willing.
1. Shower go to urgent care.
2. Eyeball gets fixed, no trip to hospital.
3. Use rest of time for art making.
4. Visit Sweetie, at work for their Halloween party.