I have been gone for a month.
Renae Tobias

I can’t say I’m trying to follow as many as I had been. It screws with my “for me feed”, and then it’s gets hard to find the kind of stuff I really enjoy reading here. I understand what Medium is doing, but I really don’t need 20–30–40 or more articles/listicles about life optimization. That has clogged my feed. Oh, and the incessant startup articles. You read one of any of that, and they are more than happy to stuff your feed full of it.

There was a good flow for a time, but now I feel lost, and rarely get to read the people I actually follow. Like you Renae. You used to flow right to the top of my feed, but now I have to search for you. I’ve seen others I enjoy interacting with doing the same thing I do. We don’t see each other for days, and then have to visit profiles to read all the stuff that never made it into the feed. The feed that is supposed to deliver the latest work of the people we follow.

Sigh. Yeah, I’m ranting. I used to just be able to login and see the people I want to read/keep in touch with, I really did like that.