The Challenge of Gender Fluid Language Reform
Andrew Furst

I hope this is helpful.

  1. The battle over gender neutral pronouns, and the emergence of new pronouns goes back quite a ways. The critical mass of people demanding recognition did not arrive until just recently. Back in the 90's when I started going to trans conferences, and had started meeting other transgender people I periodically met people who did not want to use the gendered pronouns that language currently offered. They, was just one in the mix. Ze was another popular one. They, at some point moved up in popularity over the years.
  2. Other languages offer gender neutral pronouns, why not have one of our own? Even if it is a plural adapted to fit the needs of a group of people, if we know it’s intentionality, then why get our feathers ruffled?
  3. Attachment to views. Attachment to views. Attachment to views.

That will get you in the end.

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