What I’m talking about here is when people ask us to ‘explain, in practical terms’ the divine.
Jonas Ellison

I’m sorry to come across like I am questioning the intent of your writing, I totally agree with you. Mostly I’m commenting on the need of people to get a blib at the end of a poem. I’ve seen some explanations, but never witnessed anyone asking for a full explanation of the piece.

There’s a phrase that has been floating in the back of my mind, word puzzle. This is not a big revelation, no, but I think it is the best way to help people know them self more. I believe that pushing each other “to go the extra mile” in our self analysis is the most critical piece of the spiritual puzzle, and when we employ the full force of word meaning we can create heuristic comprehension.

Did you read that great piece debunking the right/left brain split? Super eye opening. I think it was in one if the collections.

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