photo credit: BHD

Is it wrong to apply extra mayo to an egg salad sandwich? If not — then I declare that I live on the wild edge. Fast and loose here! FAST AND LOOSE!

Slog is that term you don’t want applied to your day, especially not on a Sunday. But by God, here I am applying for jobs online. Each new website coughs up some abysmal combination of UX failures. It took me no less than five tries to catch onto the ridiculous “save employer” system on the first website. Seriously, each time I would fill out their series of radio boxes, and then hit save, it would bounce me off of the website. I would have to sign back in, and reenter all of the same information. Come to find out you had to hit save after the first entry. If you did that you were safe hitting save on the subsequent entries. What was extra fun? Entering all of the same data for the next job I wanted to apply for. There was no way to save a profile, and have data automatically delivered to the people hiring!

What makes me extra sad in life is that all of my volunteer time has been spent in the queer, trans, or BDSM communities. I have amazing experiences setting up non-profits, drawing up organizational documents, setting up bank accounts, coordinating outdoor/weekend events, successful fundraising, and on and on. Real life experience that would be great in so many places, but nobody likes to find out where it originates from.

It’s why non-discrimination laws have to be enacted. Fairness is a concept with WAY too much lip-service, and not nearly enough real world application.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be doing this dance had it not been for one of the newest hires. One should not be spewing “double standard” left and right because someone new starts in your area. Alas, that is my fate. Not only do they have a bug up their ass about me personally, but they have found a way to piss off nearly everyone around them. The first time the new person yelled at me about my training techniques they should have been sent home. Why my employer is allowing them to train on overtime when we barely have work to do is a complete mystery. I am drained. I enter the building with my guard up. I feel helpless. I am pissed off a good fifty percent of the day, and it’s all related to this one recent hire.

I just wanted to keep this dumb job until I left NC, got into Grad school, or found a unique opportunity with an arts related job.

Why does management have to suck so bad?