It happened last night. It kept me from having restful sleep. Somebody wanted my writing in their publication. Just as I had planned to sign out of my email account, there it was like a gleaming diamond. Like water in a desert. Of course you have to make sure that piece is up to snuff. Of course you scan it for anything you missed because it was something you tossed off. It was never agonized over. It was not carefully considered.

One of the most famous sermons by the, Buddha, is The Fire Sermon. My mind was burning last night. I know exactly what he was getting at with that sermon.

"The mind is burning, ideas are burning, mind-consciousness is burning, mind-contact is burning, also whatever is felt as pleasant or painful or neither-painful-nor-pleasant that arises with mind-contact for its indispensable condition, that too is burning. Burning with what? Burning with the fire of lust, …”

Not surprising. I came here to get better at writing. Maybe I am? Pride must be managed, it’s hidden desire is for others to be envious.

Now for the next project.

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