Suggestion for the future: post the junk.
Jack Herlocker

Jack, your response has been tugging at my mind since I read it. Thanks for the support! I have to tell you, that save for a few, I am always a bit worried that my poems are junk. Dead Poetry came from walking the stacks at my Sweetie’s library of employment. Mind you I had been reading lots of poetry, but it was all spiritual, and not in the poetry aisle. That day by chance I wandered onto the poetry aisle, and saw all of the thin copies on the shelves. It hit me just how hard it can be to “sell”, but how pervasive poetry is.

I think it is much easier to get it out there because people accept it in all forms it arrives in, but at the same time you don’t find piles of poetry in 99 cent bin at books-a-million.

This is an incredibly strange path I have wandered onto. I know I did not find it by accident, but had no idea I was looking for it.

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