Day 7: BHD

Light in the Dark: Epilogue

Light UP Medium, Light Up the World. (Day 7)

What have I learned?
Contemplation with a community ritual creates opening. You inevitably challenge your own views because you have decided to listen, and take in the views of those with whom you have communed.

If people are trusting; being first, being last, being late, struggling, forgetting, and or degree of perceived effort will not produce judgment.

Steadfast commitment creates opportunity for more people to discover their own capacity to challenge their fears and to rise up with discipline.

Love is our greatest challenge, love is our humanness, love is only difficult if you resist vulnerability.

Evening on the Mountain: BHD

Reflecting on this last committed day was a challenge to finally get to do. Last night was an important birthday party. Dinner happened later than normal, and took immense effort. I kept watch on the clock, but was still a bit late for my candle lighting. Being able to steal away to write, and publish was not going to happen in the prescribed time frame.

My candle lighting was then followed by a ritual fire. Dinner was scarfed down in the least mindful way possible. Then I promptly went to bed. I did make the effort to read some of last nights meditations. Again this morning I made sure to read more.

At around the seventh hour of work yesterday it was made clear some people would have to come in. Since some others have been busy doing overtime, and I have avoided it, I took up the call. As soon as that was done I bounced off to Blue Ridge Pride to hang out with my Sweetie, and numerous friends. When I could not put it off any more I departed. Sweetie is volunteering, I have come home to carve wood, and make this final post for the seven days.

What is clear is that this light has poured over everyone who participated, and everyone paying attention.

I have a piece that is stirring in my mind. I took some photos that describe everything I want to communicate about love. Before I dive in I am going to allow it to culture in my veins. I want to feel it on my skin. I want what I write to do it’s job. It must be skillful and precise. I want you to take up this view, to experiment with the view, and to grow love like respirating trees.

This is my place of being after seven days.