Look UP!

Mountain Walking.

Beauty beheld.
Caress my eyes.
Don’t be a stranger.
In my heart.
Nature’s mother.
Give more life.
Not just sticks and dried leaves,
spring lingers in the heart of every tree.
Colors of life.
Veins of sap.
Exhale oxygen.
Submit to the circle.
Souls journey —
An instant of forever.
Sky’s unlimited.
Bird views admired.
Clear stillness.
Mountain moving mind.
An afternoon walk —
a grounded center of peace.

I am lucky, overwhelmed, and grateful for the beauty of every season, but when trees put on their party dresses it is hard not to have a favorite. Then they strip down to their bare bones, and ride the winter out naked. How amazing it is that the life of a tree is marked by yearly loss. Even conifers loose their cones, and a portion of their needles. All of them in the collective dance that is the circle of life.

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