Medium Pub Review: Buddhist Publications

You Won’t Find These Pubs Tagged Religion.

There are more publications found than listed here, but I am only reviewing publications with articles. About half of the ones that came up are titles that have been sat on, or forgotten about. What I present you are all pubs with at least one article. Yep, some have one. I used these three search words to find these publications, Buddha, Buddhist, and Buddhism.

Mindfulness and Meditation is described as, “Writings on bringing mindfulness and meditation into the world.” Publications started in 2014, and it boasts eight writers and their editor, Kenley Neufeld. Sometime during 2015 it turned into a mostly Andrew Furst Publication. Not that this is bad, I myself started following him before I found the publication he writes for. There are first person stories, thought provoking offerings on social activism and politics, poetry, cartoons, and meditations. This is one of the few that has more than one person writing. It’s no surprise it’s at the top of the publications list when you search for “Buddhism”. It is well worth a visit, and clicking FOLLOW!

The Zen Mind, or Leo’s two post publication going back to 2014. Nice graphic. It also seems Leo came and left, and left behind this small blog.

Cracked Sidewalk Press, editor and writer Dogo Barry Graham is an accomplished author, journalist, and Zen monk. He has a small Medium presence that I would assume will be growing. You can also visit his twitter feed, or Google him to see where he is in the world. CSP was launched in 2015 with an intriguing article dissecting Camus’s, The Myth of Sisyphus. Totally worth your two minutes. Not surprisingly there is a wide array of articles to choose from all expertly written. Click FOLLOW on this one too if you know what is good for you!

Discovering Buddhism, made a small splash in 2013, and then… So, too did it’s only writer, Zethus. Zethus managed to garner over 300 hundred followers, and then stopped writing on Medium back in November of 2013. This is another started and stopped publication. Maybe someone will buy the rights?

Diamondway Buddhism, or as is stated the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism is all you will find in this 2014 blog/publication. Fully developed by, Joachim Heng, he later announced; also in 2014, that he was leaving Medium because he no longer enjoyed the interface. Well, since I have no idea what Medium was like in it’s 2014 heyday I’m just going to have to take his word for it. Nine articles were posted as of the closing bell. Peruse a slice of the Diamondway of life.

Buddhist Economics, is headed by Braus. Upkeep of his self titled spot is more brisk that this publication. Started in 2014, but peetering out in 2015. No real indication why. His most recent private post is from this year January, but it seems on second look the self titled home is also sporadic. A look see of his articles indicate solid features on how Buddhism and economics come together. Some of the articles are longer reads, but for the most part they look worth your time if you want to explore this topic. Want more Braus? Check out Braus Blog.

Buddha’s Path, this is a very new publication. Taking the helm is Jim Jackson. He got very busy with three posts in January of this year, but hasn’t come back. Each piece is very straight forward, almost like a report written for a class proving your comprehension of the material. If you want some basics these are good articles on Buddhism.

Translations of Buddhist Texts, our translator is Arin Basu. Because he is translating the texts to Bengali I have no idea if they are good or not. There is one article in English, it is a useful breakdown of Buddhisms core teachings, and it includes some intriguing links to explore. If you speak English, and Bengali this is a good spot for you to check out!

Getting Over My Self, is a more personal take by Brad Nickel. He is clearly still using Medium, but he made all of two posts in 2015. Not sure where he plans to head, but maybe he will make a few more because of this mention? Seems to be very into meditation, and mindfulness.

Ultimate Wisdom, is yet another bull charging out of the gate, and then stopping abruptly. Topping out at eleven posts you may want to check it out even though it looks defunct. Dharmasar Thero is a monk living in Sri Lanka. Maybe that is why it is not being kept up? Maybe he will be back later? A quick glance confirms this one is totally worth reading in full. Some awesome stuff and I randomly picked. I suggest if you are down with Buddhism you need to take a dip over here. No, wait, upon reading more. Read this now!

“The Buddhist Tribune features articles, posts and opinions on mindfulness, spirituality, art and the teachings of modern and ancient Buddhism.” Here is a new publication from just this year. Two men head up this publication, Steven Meyers, and Eric Huang. A stratagem appears to be afoot here. Just checking out the three articles reveals a particular point of view. I am not terribly interested in this bent, but if you want to see where they go the writing is up to snuff.

Vajra Resources, is all-in and going strong. Writer/editor John Vajra Utah is definitely an up to date user of Medium. Vajrayana is also known as Tantric Buddhism, just so you know where this publication is going. Awesome artwork, and timely posting mean this is a good one to follow if you want to know more about this system of Buddhist practices. His writing is also engaging, even with fairly long sentences he keeps the interest.

Awaken Now, it must have happened because there are only two posts to see here. Gerry Ewasiuk came and left Medium between 2014, and 2015. Check it out or not.

Life as Practice looks like it was a contender, but stopped in 2014. It’s founder Kris Freedain was even busy right up until October of last year. What happened in 2015? Anyway, there are a number of first person articles that are readable, and worth a visit.

Walking the Path is a photo blog by Evan Guerra. Started in 2016 it has eight posts already. Evan looks to have been here for about a year already, and so we are now seeing a new side to him. He is presenting lovely photos of his travels in Thailand. Most are accompanied by explanation, and captions. Mixing current life in Thailand with the historic Buddhist temples, he allows us to peer into Thailand from afar. Looking for eye candy? Come see.

Science and Buddhism is the only publication headed up by a woman! Silvija Budaviciute started this venture just this year. With several posts already in the offing you will have something in your “for you” section to ponder. Articles include thought provoking subjects, doses of science, and for the academics - references. Take a visit here to see if it is right for you.

Zen for Everyday Life is exactly one post to view. 2015 was apparently a very busy year for Matt Valentine. I am guessing he decided being like a monk was not as good as actually being a monk???

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