My Dog is Famous.

If I even mention his name I will instantly end my happy anonymity. So, I’ll avoid that.

He works, for lack of a better term, at a local college as an emotional support dog. It had started innocently. He began accompanying my sweetie to work because he refused to be fully housebroken. At the time her boss had gone on a sabbatical out of the country, soooooo, the other “not your boss” people were happy for him to be cute and cuddly during work hours. See, he is small, loves to be picked up, and rarely barks. It’s hard to believe that this ankle bitter isn’t yappy.

As the months piled up the staff grew to love him, the students adored him, and as a result he became depended upon for comfort. The summer flew by, and before my sweetie was prepared, her boss came back. Luckily the students already had a plan. They actually made a petition to keep him coming to her job. No shit, it worked.

He has been comforting students and staff for almost three years as of this writing. He is extremely well known by the students. Nobody ever knows my name, but they always say ‘hi’ to my dog. They also typically have no clue I am his human guardian.

He is often featured on a facebook page run by my sweetie. No surprise, his posts get the most attention.

What is it like to live with this celebrity? Fantastic! More cookies for the cutie.

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